Resignation Letter

Dear Friends,

After five spectacular years at Texas Instruments, I have decided to resign my post as the Florida DBM in order to pursue full-time employment opportunities in the non-profit business sector, completely outside of the semiconductor industry.  What that means exactly, I’m not quite sure yet…  The first order of business will be to enjoy a 6-month+ sabbatical from the work force.  :)  After that, the potential avenues include, but are not limited to Overseas Missions, the Peace Corps, Fire Fighting, YMCA Administration, and going back to school for a teaching degree…  (As you can see, I have ruled out “policeman”, “astronaut”, and “cowboy”.) 

All in, my time here at TI has been nothing short of extraordinary!  From having outstanding managers to being a part of the best sales team in the industry, I consider myself to have been very blessed.  Through this time, I have also developed many great relationships that I plan to continue long after I turn in my TI badge.  Simply put, “When all your dreams come true, that’s when you know it’s time to find new dreams.”

Officially, my last day is scheduled for January 1, 2008.  However, the Christmas Holidays are now upon us and it is unlikely that I will see you before the New Year.

As I will be turning in my laptop before I head out on vacation, the best way to reach me from now on will be via my new cell phone (727-366-0540) and my personal email (

 That said, I wish you all a very Merry Christmas and a phenomenal 2008!  As always, please express any complaints / concerns directly to your Management.  ;)


“The Best Is Yet To Come…”