Letter from Lexi

Dear Bravo Family,

Even though I haven’t met all of you yet, I am so excited to be a Bravo!  I have heard so many great things about all of you from my Mama and Papa that I can’t wait to spend Christmas with everyone!  Rumor has it that you are all so nice, and patient, and quiet, and encouraging with your words, and that you very rarely drink.  :)

As few of you have been asking about what I want for Christmas, I thought I would put together this little letter (with the help of my Papa – I’m not so good at typing yet)…  

Quite candidly, I am very blessed.  I basically already have everything I could ever need…  I am healthy (and growing), I have a Mama and Papa and Mamita and Papito and Tias and Tios and Primas and Primos that love me, I have a roof over my head that doesn’t leak when it rains, a warm bed, and an endless supply of milk! (thanks, Mama.)  On top of that, I was born in the greatest country in the world!

11/10/2012 - Picnic Lounging!

Unfortunately, not every little baby is as lucky as I am.

There are a lot of kids who need stuff a lot more than I do.  Big stuff, like food, shoes, a house, and a bed.  Rather than get me anything material for Christmas, I would much rather have you take a name off of the Angel Tree at Church, or contribute to Toys for Tots or Operation Christmas Child.  For me, just getting to spend time with all of you during the holidays is the best gift I could ever ask for…  That, and a little patience with my crying.  Remember, I’m just a little one :)

If you really want to make me happy, you can always donate towards building a house for homeless people  in Guatemala with the 12 x 12 Love Project (http://www.1212loveproject.org/).  My family has already sponsored two houses and we’re working on number three (just reference ‘Omar & Bonnie Bravo’ in the comments).

If you really want to get ME something, one thing I can’t get enough of is diapers!  I go through those things so fast!!!  Since they come in such big boxes, it might be easier to get me a gift card for diapers though.

A couple of things that I really DON’T need and that you would be wasting your money on:  

1.  Clothes – I already have a ton, I grow out of them before I even wear them, and all I do is poop on them anyway.

2.  Stuffed Animals – Already have too many.  They go straight to the Good Will.  Easier if you just drop them off there, since I can’t drive yet.

3.  Toys – Unless its ok for me to stick it in my mouth, I’m not really interested.  I’ll probably be interested in the box the toy came in before I’m interested in the toy.  That said, diapers come in big boxes (wink, wink!)

4.  Books – I can’t read!!!

Seriously, I thank you all so much for thinking of me… I love you all and I can’t wait to see you all soon!

God Always Provides,