Alexis Isabella Bravo

Lexi’s First 7-Weeks in Photos…  (Make sure to view the slideshow in Fullscreen mode – bottom right button).

So much for giving a play-by-play as the action unfolded.  Here is the recap:

While getting ready for bed at about 1am  last night, Bonnie’s water broke.  Since she hadn’t even had her first contraction, we were completely caught off guard.  So, we called our midwife and she told us to hang tight and watch and see if we felt any movement from the baby.  She said if we didn’t feel any movement within the next 30 minutes that we could come in and she would test the baby with the heart monitor.  As soon as I heard this, I knew we would be heading to the Birthing Center in 30 minutes…  Not because I thought something was wrong with the baby, but more so because I understand that a “watched pot never boils” and that having both Bonnie and I so attentively paying attention to here movement was definitely going to give Alexis stage fright.  Sure enough, we were headed to the Birthing Center at 1:30am.

Once there, our midwife Everly (amazing young woman!) checked the vitals for both Bonnie and the baby and everything was good to go.  But, because Bonnie still hadn’t had her first “real” contraction, there was no telling how long it would be before she went into active labor.  Thus, we came home in an effort to get some rest and labor in the comfort of our own home for as long as possible.  As soon as we got in the car to come home, Bonnie’s contractions started.

From 3am – 5:15am, Bonnie was experiencing mild contractions while laying in bed.  At about 5:30am, the real contractions started.  From 5:30am – 9am, Bonnie silently paced around the house while laboring.  This was classic Bonnie style – She confirmed today that she is the “strong, silent type”.

At 9am, the contractions were about 3.5 minutes apart and had been consistently for about an hour.  It was time to go back to the Birthing Center.

After about only 15 minutes of laying on the bed of our suite at the Birthing Center, Bonnie decided to move to the jacuzzi tub in hopes that the hot water would take away some of her back pain.  For the next three hours, Bonnie labored in the tub, with the midwives closely monitoring her while I was putting counter pressure on her back during contractions.  Simply put, Bonnie was amazing!!!  So poised, so strong, so focused.  My hero.

Finally, at 12:34pm, Alexis Isabella was born.  Underwater, and 100% Natural.

Immediately after being born, Bonnie lifted Alexis out of the water and placed her on her chest, skin to skin.  After about 10 minutes of enjoying each other, I cut the umbilical cord and took Alexis into the bedroom while the midwives worked with Bonnie to deliver the placenta (which we will be using to fertilize a newly planted tree).  

From 1pm – 5pm, Bonnie and I relaxed with Alexis in the suite.  We ate, took a nap, and Bonnie breastfed for the first time.

By 5:30pm, we were rested and ready to head home.  Before we could go, we finally got around to weighing and measuring Alexis…  7lbs 13oz, 20″ tall.  Happy, and healthy.

We’re now safe and sound at home, hanging out in our living room with our ever expanding family.

Special thanks to all our friends and family who had all three of us covered in prayer.
God Always Provides and He Most Definitely Answers Prayers.