Under Armour Boxer Briefs

In general, I believe we are to be good stewards of our financial blessings and not waste money. That said, I have always believed that there are three things that you should not “cut corners” on when purchasing (if at all possible): Shoes, a Mattress (bed), and a Car. 

If you don’t have the best home stereo, the nicest lawn mower, or the greatest microwave, you might notice a slight inconvenience in your life from time to time. But, if you have crappy shoes or a worn out mattress, I guarantee you that your back will remind you of this fact every single day when you wake up. The same goes for a car… Now, I’m not saying everyone needs be driving luxury vehicles, but if you’ve ever had a “clunker” or a “hooptie”, you understand what a burden it is to have an unreliable car. Running out the door in the morning, jumping into the driver seat, and turning the ignition without first having to pray “please start!” is an absolute luxury and worth every hard earned dollar! Spend the extra money and get a good car. I promise, you’ll thank me later. 

Today, I would like to add a fourth item to this list of “Things Worth The Extra Money”… Under Armour Boxer Briefs. 

If you have never worn a pair before, boy are you in for a treat! I’ve been wearing these since Christmas 2009 and they truly do make my day better! Unfortunately, I only have four pairs so I have to go back to the regular Hanes for a few days every week and it really is a kill joy. I’ve tried other “performance” brands (i.e. Champion) and they fail in comparison. 

These retail for $19.95 / pair (I know, they’re expensive!), but they are totally worth it. They feel great, they don’t ride up, they pull the moisture away from your body (a big deal here in Florida), and your wife will love them too! Seriously, when your wearing these it feels like your “gliding” through life! 

Here at RMD, our goal is to help you live the most Abundant Life you possibly can. Achieving this takes long hours, hard work, and perspiration. A good bed, the right footwear, a reliable vehicle, and a great pair of underwear will make your efforts a lot more comfortable! 

I appreciate these boxer briefs so much”, everyone who writes an article for Real Men Defined will be getting a (new) pair of these as a “Thank You! 

  Visit UnderArmour.com

  • Lightweight compression fit, all-day performance.
  • Breathable vented articulated performance pouch delivers comfort that’s simply unprecedented.
  • Built with Flatlock Seams that feel smooth against the skin and prevent chafing.
  • Armour®Stretch improves mobility and accelerates dry time with lightweight fabrics built in a 4-way stretch.
  • Anti-Odor Technology prevents the growth of odor causing microbes.
  • HeatGear® construction ensures moisture transport and day in, day out durability.
  • 95% Polyester / 5% Elastane.