Where Have All The Real Men Gone?

There is a stereotype in American Society that Men have gotten soft. Gone are the days of generations pasts, where “Father Knows Best” and “Ward Cleaver” stood tall. The prominent male figures in present media are known more for their athletic triumphs and off-the-field antics than they are for their values and integrity. If it’s not cheating on the field (steroids in baseball anyone?) then it’s cheating off the field (see Kobe Bryant / Tiger Woods). 

But let’s not just single out the Professional Athletes… Our politicians have had their fair share of sexual misconduct as well. Elliot Spitzer, John Edwards, and Bill Clinton, just to name a few. Sports, government, ah yes, business… I don’t know if the CEOs of Banking Industry, the Health Insurance Industry, and the Mortgage Industry are cheating on their spouses, but I can guarantee they’re cheating somebody. And last, but definitely not least, we can’t turn a blind eye to our Pastors who have fallen to temptations of the world. 

Which leads us to the question: Where have all the Real Men gone? 

With the divorce rate in the U.S. above 50%, more children are growing up with absent fathers than ever before. And though it is possible for a single mother to raise a male child, it is not the ideal. Studies show that a child is more likely to graduate high school / college when there is a father-figure in the home. Yet, more than half of our children are growing up with this disadvantage. And don’t think that it’s just our boys who are suffering… Our girls are suffering too. 

Psychology 101 teaches us that a boy learns what it means to be a man from his father and what to expect of women from his mother. Likewise, a girl learn how to be a woman from her mother and what to expect of men from her father. With this in mind, what exactly are the absent men in our society teaching our children…? 

…(weak) Men walk out on their families / responsibilities.
…(weak) Men cheat on their wives / families.
…(weak) Men put their own selfish ambitions above all others. 

It’s bad enough that young boys are being taught this is how men are to behave, but even worse is that young girls are being taught this is what they should expect from their future husbands when their female role models tolerate this behavior! 

And thus the reason we are here… The time has come to stand up and define how REAL MEN behave in our society! We have to break the cycle we are creating. It’s time for the Real Men to get off the couch, step up, and lead!