Not Moving to Costa Rica

Dear Supporters,

After a solid 4 months of fundraising, Bonnie and I now have approximately 15% of our budget raised with an additional 20% pledged.  At the beginning of this journey, we prayed that God would provide us with confirmation through our fundraising efforts.  As such, we believe we have received a solid “no” to the question “should we move to Costa Rica full-time?”

Through discussions and emails with the 6:8 Board of Directors, I believe we are all on the same page…  This is not the end of our relationship with 6:8.  Bonnie and I are still scheduled to lead two teams from our home church (Guatemala – March, Costa Rica – August) and I am still responsible for the website.  Additionally, we are completely open to the possibility of serving with 6:8 here is the U.S.

Next up is the question of “what to do with the support we’ve already raised?”  Bonnie and I would like to use this money to fund our trips in Marchand August with the excess being distributed at the discretion of 6:8 (to build houses, feed the homeless, send kids to school, etc).  As for the automatic monthly payments, we will be cancelling those asap.

If you would like a refund of your contribution, simply let us know and we can have that arranged.

That said, we are so grateful for each of you who have supported us in this journey.  We have truly been heart broken by this decision but we have full confidence that God has an even bigger plan in store for us.  As of now, we are preparing to live here in St. Peterburg, FL indefinitely.

God Always Provides,
Omar & Bonnie Bravo

Huge Thanks to all of our Financial Supporters…

Lisa Cody
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Pamela Christian
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Susan White
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