2 Weeks.

We’ve back in the U.S. for two weeks now and it feels like we’ve been back for two months…  Things have been incredibly hectic!

For the first week, B and I spent most all of our time reconnecting with our amazing friends and family that we have in St. Pete.  This was so great as we really have been blessed with a plethora of phenomenal relationships through church and the clay studio.  Then, we spent our first weekend back at Universal Studios for the Rock The Universe concert.  This was such a blast as RTU 2007  was the first time Bonnie and I hung out and fell in love. :)

For the past week, I have been in Utah visiting my family (Bonnie is in FL making pots and preparing for a couple of shows).  Reconnecting with my two best friends (for over 20 years) along with spending tons of time with my brothers (one just got back from Iraq) and cousins has really got me back on track.  Before last week, I was getting seriously homesick as I hadn’t seen my family for over 8 months!  Nonetheless, I am feeling much better.

Throughout these past two weeks, Bonnie and I have been very focused on the idea that our “mission field” is not only in Costa Rica, but more so our mission field is “where ever our suitcase is.”  This doesn’t mean we have been preaching at everyone and hitting people over the head with a bible, but simply that we are doing our best to just “love” people as Jesus teaches us.  Even with this attitude, we have had tons of people ask us about God and Faith!  What a blast it is to be used by God and given opportunities to talk about the things He has done in our lives!

[I’ve said it a million times already, but I’m convinced that your Personal Testimony is the most powerful thing you possess…  It’s probably a good idea to share it.]

Lastly, we are currently at 18.27% to our fundraising goal!  We still have a long way to go, but I KNOW that God ALWAYS Provides.