Day 136 – Costa Rica vs. Mexico

We split the team into two groups this morning. One of the groups went to build out a kitchen in the back of the church that will be used for the new Feeding Center for the homeless. The other group went to Juan Pablo to do children’s ministry… For the most part, I spent the day visiting with the families in Juan Pablo and promoting that we would be showing the Mexico vs. Costa Rica soccer game (world cup qualifying match) on the new projection screen at the church. This was pretty comical as everybody in Costa Rica was amped up for the game and I was walking around with my bright green Mexico Soccer jersey! Talk about being in enemy territory! If nothing else, it was a great conversation starter :)

All of the days activities went really well. An hour before the soccer game started, Jorge led gave a message and then we had Tico Worship! What a blast… Not only was the team participating, but much of the community had already arrived for the game so they participated as well! I so love Tico Worship! It was actually really cool because we finished the last song exactly at 8:00pm so we flipped the switch on the projector just as the game started! There were probably 80 people that showed up to watch the game on the big screen. The best part about it was that there were not just kids and mom’s, but a lot of Dad’s showed up to (which is completely out of the norm).

We snuck out right after half-time to avoid getting beat up… As the only person in all of Costa Rica who was rooting for Mexico, I wanted to be off the streets when the game ended.

Final score: Mexico 3, Costa Rica 0