Day 127 – Fundraising

I have spent the past two days organizing / putting together our budget for 2010… It looks like $2000 / month should cover all of our expenses. This is impressive that two grand will cover both Bonnie and I for a month considering that used to be my weekly budget a few years ago :)

Nonetheless, fundraising season is now officially open! In an effort to remain 100% transparent, I posted our line item budget under the “Fundraising” link…

We’re really looking at this as our last “confirmation” of whether or not we’re really supposed to be moving to Costa Rica. If the support rolls in, so be it. And if it doesn’t… Then I guess God has something else in mind. There’s only one way to find out :)

The thought of raising $24,000.00 used to scare me. Not anymore. I’ve seen God overcome much greater obstacles. This is a mole-hill for Him. And an opportunity to support something huge for the rest of us. Though many people might want to simply “give what extra they have laying around”, I’m hoping that people will “sacrifice” for this cause. I’m not asking you to go without food, but maybe give up eating out for a month and donate that money (on top of the “extra”). Skip a couple of happy hours, put off buying that new outfit, rent a movie instead of going out… The “least of these” will be grateful.

As always, I’m not asking for people to do anything Bonnie and I aren’t willing to do ourselves. Though it doesn’t seem like a big deal anymore, giving up most everything and moving here to Costa Rica has definitely been a huge sacrifice for both of us. And God has blessed us greatly for being obedient and He always provides for our every need. I’m confident He will continue to do the same.

The only question is: Is He trying to use you to accomplish His will?