Day 122 – House Dedications

The morning was spent putting the finishing touches on both houses… Installing windows, touching up paint, installing a couple of lights, (no running water though). By lunch, everything was done… An absolute miracle… Building two houses on the side of a mountain in six days with high school students. Just another testament to fact that God will use whatever you bring to the table.

Once the work had ceased, we held the house dedications…  Prayer, Praise, and Pizza.  The dedication was really sweet as Luz (the new home owner) was completely over whelmed, to the point of tears.  But what was even more moving was that her husband (who has a history of alcohol abuse) decided to surrender his life to Christ this morning!  Thus, he was also completely overwhelmed and moved to tears (as were many of the 40+ people there for the dedication).  Nobody expected this, but I guess God knew.  :)  And to think, all we had planned was to build a couple of houses…

After the house dedications, we took the team to play soccer at a new indoor field that just opened up a block from the team house.  I didn’t play due to the fact that I have been deathly ill with a summer head cold for the past two days…  While I was sitting on the sidelines, the owner of the field gave me a tour of the facilities and told me his life story in the process…  It turns out this guy is the sole distributor of Mission brand tortillas in Costa Rica!  As Tico’s don’t use tortillas much, I found an immediate friend in this guy :)  He even gave Bonnie and I a couple of packs of tortillas to take home with us!  God Always Provides.