Day 10 – Lalo’s Haircut

We headed to the Saturday Morning Market with the team right after breakfast… Bonnie loves the fresh tomatoes and mangos, plus the cheese is so much cheaper than at the MegaSuper (local super market). After the market, we headed down to Juan Pablo where half the team helped clean and setup the room for the free clinic we would be hosting in the afternoon and the the rest of the team cleaned all of the trash off of the soccer field in the Plaza.

While this was going on, I gave Lalo the haircut I had promised him… Before and After pictures below. In addition to the haircut, I had promised to bring Lalo a piece of gum, for which he was very grateful. As a matter of fact, before he even put the gum in his mouth, he took a great big “wiff” of it and savored the aroma as if he was about to sample a fine wine. Throughout the rest of the morning I watch Lalo enjoy that piece of gum more than any kid I’ve ever seen. Later, he mentioned to me how amazing it was that the gum didn’t lose flavor… Unlike the Chiclets they are used to here. Good ol’ “5” gum is the best, I do agree, but the appreciation for such a little thing really made me aware of how much me take for granted.


After lunch, Bonnie and I helped schedule all of the doctor visits for the afternoon and then I served as a translator while Bonnie played with the kids. The rest of the team facilitated VBS activities on the newly cleaned soccer field. All in, we performed medical check ups on 38 patients. (FYI – The most common complaint was intestinal parasites.) We actually had to turn quite a few people away today, so we will be hosting the clinic again tomorrow after church.