Day 110 – Cement Work

This morning, we continued our work on the Grandma’s house in Juan Pablo…  We painted the new walls we put up on Friday and poured some cement to repair the foundation.

After lunch, we took food to a few families up to Jasmine (the village on the hill).  While we were up there, we visited the two families whose homes (tin shanti’s) we will be tearing down next week in order to build them both new houses.  Though the team had already seen some pretty humble homes, seeing the living conditions in Jasmine seemed to really take a toll on the emotions of the team.  :(

While up in Jasmine, I stopped by the pastors house as they invited me over to take a look at their computer.  They are having problems with their printer, but as they don’t have internet, I’ll have to download the drivers at home and fix it next week when we go back to Jasmine.