Day 107 – Remodeling

We spent the morning working on a grandma’s house in the Juan Pablo barrio.  The team put up a new bedroom wall, bought here a new kitchen sink, repaired an exterior wall, replaced one of the tin sheets on the roof with a transparent sheet (can you say skylight?) in the bathroom, and we bought here a (used) washer for $100.

She was ecstatic…  Unlike most grandma’s, her daughter is a drug addict and she cares for many of her grandchildren.  Can you imagine feeding a family with only a “garbage” burning stove (the could use wood, but there isn’t alot of wood in ghetto) and no refrigerator?  At least washing clothes will be easier.

Additionally, we opened up the community center and the children of the neighborhood came in and made hand-puppets out of brown paper bags, cotton balls, and string.  They also enjoyed blowing bubbles and kicking the soccer ball around.  Who needs an xbox to have fun!