Day 104 – Tuesday Service

This evening, the group attended the Tuesday night service at Iglesia Celebracion (also known as the old recycling center).  Wow, has this place changed!!!  I’ll post pictures in the gallery…

Anyhow, the Tuesday night service is aimed at the Youth of the community, but pretty much everyone comes, including a handful of homeless / alcoholic men.  Apparently, these drunk guys have been showing up for the past few weeks, which is great.  But, tonight, one of them actually showed up sober!  Additionally, one of his buddies (who was completely sauced) broke down into tears toward the end of Jorge’s sermon (which was a great message about the things that “own” our hearts) and a bunch of the youth went over, laid hands on him and prayed for him!  It was really cool to see how God is working in the lives of this community!

After the regular service, we had Tico Worship with the team.  Seldom do I feel better than when I am covered in sweat from jumping around and dancing to some upbeat Tico Worship music!!!