Day 105 – A New Start

For the past two days, the team has been cleaning and painting the inside of Binda’s house…  Talk about a big job.  On top of the mold and the crampped living condictions, it would seem that the family had not dusted nor swept for at least a few years.  Nonetheless, we moved all the furniture, scrubbed the walls with Clorox (to kill the mold), painted all the walls in the house, hung new light fixtures, fixed the cement block wall that was falling away from the kitchen, repaired some cement stairs, replaced some tin roofing panels, and posted some chicken wire over some vents…  The chicken wire is an attempt to keep the “cat-sized” rats from entering the house.  :(  Additionally, we replaced a few windows with ones that actually open.

All in, what was a dark, cold, musty house on Monday is now a lot brighter, a lot cleaner, and substantially more full of hope.  At the end of the day, Binda shed all the tears she had, thanked us profusely, and praised God for answering her prayers.

This evening, Bonnie and I gave our “God the Potter” presentation to the group.  Always a blast :)