Day 9 – Pottery Wheel

We headed out with Spencer and Victor (local handy-man) this morning to San Jose in search of a pottery wheel. After striking out downtown, we were directed to a nearby art district where we found an 80 year old blind man with a kick wheel (manual) who said the only way to get a wheel was to order one to be built (and that it would take about a month). Fortunately, his son had just made himself a motorized wheel out of a $150 1/2 hp motor and some parts from a cement mixer. Unfortunately, the thing was so heavy duty, he had it welded to a huge metal framed table. After some discussion, Spencer offered him $300 and he used a circular saw to cut the wheel off the frame!!! God Always Provides!!! That said, Bonnie now has a pottery wheel and tons of clay here, so we will be doing our “God the Potter” demonstration for all the teams who come through from now on!

A new team of 20 people came in this afternoon from Michigan. We took them for a Prayer Walk through Juan Pablo (local barrio) and we ran into many of the kids that we met during out last trip… There is one family in particular that we really connected with today. The Mother’s name is Sandra and she has two boys named Jorge and Lalo (short for Eduardo). Unfortunately, Sandra’s husband has abandoned the family and the roof of their shanti house is in complete disrepair. Additionally, Sandra and her son Lalo and have been fighting as Lalo’s is in serious need of a haircut but Sandra just can’t afford it. That said, I promised to get some clippers and give Lalo a haircut tomorrow. The team is also going to put together a budget for the roofing repairs.