Day 89 – Goodbye Alaska

Today was our last day aboard the Island Princess Cruise Ship…  What a voyage!!!  Four weeks, 16 port stops, and the most beautiful landscapes I have ever seen.  Alaska really is “the last frontier” (as it reads on the license plates).  As part of our compensation (in addition to the room / board), we were blessed with the opportunity to go on over $3500.00 worth of excursions at no charge!  Thus, we went whale watching a couple of times, we went crab fishing on one of the “Deadliest Catch” boats, we road ziplines through the Tongass National Forest, we drove jeeps and road trains through the White Pass, we saw glaciers “calving” (breaking off into the ocean), and last but not least…  We took a boat tour through the Misty Fjords National Monument (which was the most beautiful place I have ever been – better than the Grand Canyon, Hawaii, Cancun, the Great Wall, the Andes Mountains, Yellowstone, Costa Rica, etc ).

And though we have thoroughly enjoyed this enormous blessing, we really are ready and excited to get back to work in Costa Rica.  Don’t get me wrong, though this time of relaxation, vacation, and rejuvenation has been absolutely amazing, it truly does pale in comparison with the fulfillment we have found in serving the less fortunate.  So, with our batteries recharged and our bellies so very, very full, we are looking forward to the next adventure.

For those who may have lost track, here is our latest itinerary…
7/20/09 – Vancouver
7/21 – 7/27: Florida
7/27 – 8/1:  Tennessee (Youth Camp)
8/2 – 9/8:  Costa Rica
9/8 – ???:  Florida / U.S. Travel?

I’m still in the process of going through pictures, but I post my top ten soon!

God Always Provides.