Day 58 – Board Interview

We drove up to Jacksonville last night and stayed with Rita (one of the 6:8 Board Members).  She was so nice!  I stayed up until about 3:30am working on a website though, so my lack of sleep continues.

The interview with the Board of Directors went well.  They asked me questions and I answered them.  At the end, we shook hands and they said “Welcome aboard, assuming your arrest record comes back clean.”  Since I’ve never been arrested, I’m considering myself in.

Candidly, I felt as though a huge wait was lifted once the interview had finished.  Not because I was nervous about the 6:8 deal, but because I received a very attractive and lucrative job offer this past Sunday from a church in St. Petersburg and I had been completely stressed out on which opportunity to pursue…  My ultimate goal is to be obedient to God’s Will for my life and I would hate to go down the wrong path.  Every morning I pray that God open the doors he wants me to walk through and close the doors I should stay away from, and this past week it appears I had two open doors in front of me.  Which one was God’s will?  Options / Choices are a beast!!

In the end, I understood that God would use Bonnie and I in either of these situations and that either choice would be in His will.  So, we decided to continue forward with Costa Rica for this season of life as we are being used their everyday, without fail.

And all harmony has been restored to our journey.